Cambridge-Support and CS Online Academy 
Assistance for private or home-schooling students writing Cambridge Examinations

Cambridge International Examinations are:

Recognised by USAf (Universities South Africa) for entrance to South African Universities and are recognised by SAQA as an equivalent to the National Senior Certificate.

 How do I plan my course? 

For advice on how to structure your course, how to interpret the syllabus, how to select and purchase textooks, how to study and prepare for exams - contact

Although it is always recommended that students attend a full-time school for tuition, in certain cases this is not possible.

Below are some examples where "home-schooling" seems to be the only option:

  • students who have been ill for an extended period or who live in rural area, far from schools
  • students who tour with national and international sports teams or with performing arts companies for extended periods



Cambridge examinations must be written at a recognised Cambridge International Centre. For more information: